Simple idea

In business, and in life, it is always nice to know a bit about someone before working with them.  Big World Consulting began with the simple idea of helping people all over the world. We feel strongly that when people come together from diverse backgrounds, in order  to share ideas and experience, we are able to think differently to solve problems.

Our dream

Our dream is to work together with businesses and with employees, as one big network throughout the world.  We want to help companies quickly and efficiently address staffing needs.  Our resources extend throughout the world, so we are able to find the most qualified individuals that can meet a variety of staffing and project budgets.


Director of Operations

As the Director of Operations for Big World Consulting, Russ is  in charge of software development, data entry, and project management on an international level. Russ is responsible for coordinating projects on various continents with multiple clients, monitoring and maintaining budgets, communicating effectively with clients, overseeing the completion of quality work, and ensuring client satisfaction throughout the project.

Russ has worked for many Fortune 1000 clients, on high profile projects. Throughout his career, Russ has managed developers in Belarus, Ireland, India, China, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica. Each country and continent has unique benefits and challenges, therefore it is imperative to have someone with Russ’  patience, knowledge, and experience to work on an international level and get the job done right!

Russ is a true asset to our company.  His professional approach and ability to work with a variety of people, make him a valuable addition to any company.





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