Another Great Article Promoting Remote Work

Commuting Kills by Mark Maunder – Wordfence Founder & CEO This is a great article with some great facts and figures on what it costs, physically, mentally, environmentally  and monetarily, every year to have people drive to work. What Mark didn’t really address is the reason why managers like to have people in the office. There […]

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4 ways to build a successful remote team

“…you must really trust your people. However, trust is earned. One tactic that works well is bringing on a remote employee as a 90-day contractor-to-hire with clearly set goals …” You really need to make sure that you always have a well defined plan of work and communication.READ MORE

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(New site that allows you to compare where you live to where you want to live) Jobs do not equal places any more. Millions of more people every year can live anywhere and work remotely. This started first in tech-heavy professional circles but the wave continues: already one fifth of all working people around the world […]

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